Fmascri Webhosting – We have now our Apache Webserver!

Hi listeners.
Our IT staff has a big and proudly surprise for all!
We got our Apache http Server now, wich means 100% free, stable and hosteded at Fmascri Home Datacenter (experimental).
After more than five years that we has our sites hosted at without any big troubles, stable and free within their subdomains
But the four sites was stopped together, since 27/08/2019.
Our account was not blocked nor prohibited.
Just their domains like our, are not more possible without big explanations of their major regulator.
Below the image explains.

In that way we’ve decided to achieve a new level, instead to put the sites again in third-hand partners, even if are stable and trusted: We towared to make our own LAMP server (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHPMyadmin) in a small and smart Raspberry Pi-3B – a echo-Green Server powered with our “Fmascri Powerbanks”

All of theese 3 last months we’ve put in highlevels IT procedures and then theese top-level skills were achieved: Fmascri-TI and Fmascri Webradio have now, one more service: Fmascri Webhosting Server.

And the last month (november) we’ve made some necessary final-tests and now we got officially the surprise! The site that you’re reading this now and (maybe) the song that you’re listen is even most provided inside our own plattforms.