On air: Private backup server streams

Today, another historical mark on our services.
We definitively puts on the air in operation our backup shoutcast server, that means the last barrier broked with the third-party servers.
For many years, since the historical and the first channel (#1) we’ve putting our songs in the air in the UK or USA at listentomyradio servers.
But the server no mainteined the fidelity nor logical senses and starting to reset our precious server-numbers and ports – many, many times, every time more fast.
By this way since 2013 when we’ve appeared in the air until 2017, we continuousily use with no-problems. But at certain moment, we don’t now why server are going down every time more, due audience out off listen2myradio sites (completely no sense!)… or simply down forever at these resets on our ‘tuning numbers’, forcing us to resetting and readjusting all of the audio-machines streamers too.
The most important fact was: Since the no-charge Shoutcast server (DNAS) with Winamp was buyed by Radionomy, the things are goin’t.
No payed revenues, restriction with their sites if you in ‘free plan’, bugs, errors, monopoly and other bad things turning upsidedown the freedom, quality and reliability of a good and free internet.