99 % On Air uptime !

Honesty and honour!
Altough we now, we’ve a lot of issues to transmit continuously since we’ve resolved to abandon Amazon Web Services of our life, our ranking in effort to maintain 24 hours transmitting are more than 99% – is resulting with something about 99,4% on air.
We are music, nature and freedom lovers, and by this way our song are for all, without any charge, any commercial purpose.
So, we keep to use all of our services by made with ourselves, plus automated free services available within the web, as we gonna not to pay anything more than AC and a link of internet.
The last days we’ve experienced a little bit of mess due to many technical issues, i.e. connection (in Brazil the most things are a bad joke!), and of course… The ex-very good stream server (but the only that provide 5000 listeners, for free – listen2myradio – our shoutcast server).