Channel 3 Metal Threathned

Hi metal friends of channel 3.

For more than eight hours the our server at listen2myradio was putted down with no explanation. It’s seems there a server problem / upgrade but they are not communicate nor respond for our questions.

In more than four years, this stream was stable and there no issues until yesterday, despite they forced the listeners to restrict the stream listening at theyr site, letting us down, sometimes.

But this server at UK is free, with some restrictions, and we use the old version just in this channel for mantain audience for all listeners that already have this adress (if we change the adress server, most of the audience will disappear!).

We are working to setup a own server, but it’s complex.

In addition, when this new resource are to be fine, there are to be backup main streams, adding more server adresses, in several quality of streams, letting the mobile users to save bandwith, in general because the cost of aerial connection (i.e. 4G) are expensive for hifi streams.

We apologise for this disturb, but don’t miss expectance… We comeback as soon is possible, even if we’re forced to change adress server forever, U can find it here the new information about adress server/ports.

For who listen directly from the our site ( or this centralized site (, when the stream come back up, independent of the server, the musics are gonna play fine.

This situation (adresses) is valid just for listeners that configures players that ask for IP adress / port number.

At this moment, we are offline and down in this channel 3.

Thanks a lot