Channel 3 On Air again (with new adress server)

After 70 hours down, we’ve putting on the air again (at listen2myradio yet) due to difficulty level of the creation of own particular servers, and of course, to do the job as fast as we can.
The changing of Ip/ports server adresses, seems an’hipotetical situation of changing the frequency dial in old radios systems.
We’ve worked hard to spread our radio in many sites around the world and the same number was manteined about 3,5 years, due to the fact that it’s the best and only way to achieve audience. But ALL of these sites ask for these adresses (ip/port), and changing this addresses, means change all of these sites again.
By this way, in addition to change all the information about the own sites, we must be start over again all the pubblications, and at this point that we don’t have any commercial purpose but we are not more ‘amateur’, of course: the next way is thinking in no more change in these adresses nor third-part publicity, nor restrictions. We just play music for music lovers and for sure, comming soon we gonna have the particular, personal and own servers running what means in other words, the our own ‘antenna’.